Camile O’Briant is a Brooklyn-based photographer, artist and writer. 

“I have always viewed my images in a historical way. Projecting them 20 years into the future, wondering if they will offer any value to the viewer of that time.”

Originally from Texas, Camile began documenting life around her in one way or the other at a young age and hasn’t looked back from a lifelong exploration of capturing moments.

She holds a degree in Fine Art Photography, but the real education has been in her continued curiosity with and the genuine love for the medium of photography.

Over the years, she has photographed everything from the everyday mundane to movie stills. She has taken head shots for numerous actors and documented the street scenes of L.A., Paris and New York.

Her style is whatever inspires her and her camera is the one that’s in her hand, whether it’s an iPhone, DSLR or one of the many vintage cameras she refuses to get rid of. 

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